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Types of Solar Installations

S&D Electrical & Solar specializes in providing affordable, user-defined solutions to South African’s from all walks of life. To help you find the solution that fits your needs we offer the following services:

  • Installation and integration of systems
  • Testing and verification certificates
  • Supply of correct sized and matched components
  • Energy Audits
  • Professional design of systems
1. Long Back-Up and UPS Systems

Many people are simply looking for a backup system that will provide them with power when Eskom is down.

Traditionally a small petrol generator has been the solution of choice but it has several disadvantages: It is noisy, it is inconvenient and it is costly to run. Switch over does not happen automatically. When the power goes out, the generator needs to be started first, then the changeover switch needs to be operated.

In contrast, a battery backup UPS system does not need any human intervention when a power cut occurs. The system will automatically start to operate within a split second.

2. standalone (Off-Grid) systems

When no Eskom or municipal power is available, a standalone solar system is an answer. This type of system is COMPLETELY independent of the power grid and there is no interaction whatsoever with Eskom. Typical applications are on farms or remote locations, although it could be installed practically anywhere.

3. Grid-Tied Solar Systems

Grid-tied systems consist of only 2 key components – solar panels and a dedicated grid-tied inverter. All the electric power generated by the solar panels feeds through a mains synchronized inverter directly into your distribution board and offsets the power you would normally consume from Eskom. It will of course only do this when the sun shines! If the panels produce more power than what is being consumed at the time, the balance will flow back into the network and it will actually reverse the electricity meter (not all types of meters can do this though). Since no batteries are used, no independent energy can be stored for later use. This means that the energy required at night will still be obtained from the network.

4. Grid Interactive Solar System

This system is very similar to an off-grid standalone system but has the ability to interact with the public power grid network. Eskom power could be used as a backup source of power when required. Such a system will automatically switch to Eskom power when no Sun has been available for a period of time or when electricity demand exceeds the ability of the system.

Depending on the size of this system and the appliances or devices requiring power, it can support an entire building or just specific chosen loads. The modular ability of solar systems means that a system could be designed to support only critical loads initially, whilst having the ability to expand capacity later through the addition of more components.

5. Hybrid Solar Systems

Different combinations of renewable and other energy sources can be implemented to suit specific requirements. The automatic interaction of these different components can be configured to suit several predetermined requirements.


6. Advanced/High Tech Options

A smart energy management system monitors solar electricity production and energy use and gives real-time insight into the data. The same device can also switch non-essential loads like geysers, pool pumps, and HVAC systems to maximize efficiency through user-defined timers. Intelligent control will decide whether solar or conventional electricity should be used to run devices. It uses specialized technology to control circuits, thereby maximizing solar energy production. The user interface is accessible from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. It shows solar energy production and total electricity use allowing customers to understand and manage usage better.

7. Solar Water pumps

The free power of the sun is an obvious choice for many water pumping requirements. This is especially true for remote locations. No expensive electrical infrastructure is required and solar pump installations are virtually maintenance-free.

Solar pumps are an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly way to pump water for a variety of domestic and commercial purposes, including agricultural and residential irrigation and cattle or livestock watering. Solar pumps are easy to install and can have a lifespan of roughly 20 years. After the initial setup costs their servicing requirements are virtually nil.

8. Solar Geysers


Solar water heaters can help save water heating costs by reducing the amount of gas and electricity needed to heat water. By using sunlight to heat water instead of combustible sources or fossil fuel-produced electricity, fewer pollutants are being introduced into the environment. Solar energy is not affected by the current shortage of electricity and does not stop providing hot water during load shedding.

S&D Electrical and Solar is the exclusive KZN branch of ALLSOLAR:

S&D Electrical is the exclusive KZN member of the ALLSOLAR Group. The ALLSOLAR group is the largest network of Solar specialists in South Africa with more than 30 branches nationwide as well as branches in Madagascar & Namibia. 

Why you should choose us:

  • All Solar Branches are fully endorsed by SESSA ( Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa ) and SAAEA (Southern African Alternative Energy Association). 
  • Our large strong dealer network ensures competitive prices.
  • We are a leading supplier of brand name renewable energy products.
  • ALLSOLAR has a nationwide reputation, the right teams, the technical know-how, and an understanding of the future of energy.
  • With a network of independent branches nationwide, access to a collective technical knowledge, experience, and support is unsurpassed.

    ALLSOLAR Branch Standards:

    Before being admitted to the ALLSOLAR Group, all prospective branch owners are required to complete an intensive training course at the ALLSOLAR Technical Training Centre in Mossel Bay. Only on successful completion of the course may the candidate trade under the ALLSOLAR name.

Rigid standards are applied and branches are required to be members of SAAEA and SESSA. The ALLSOLAR national head office provides continual in-house technical and product support to all branches. Regular technical bulletins and product information keeps ALLSOLAR branches updated and at the leading edge of our industry. You can visit the National ALLSOLAR website here.

S&D Electrical & Solar:

Choose S&D Electrical & Solar. With almost 25 years of experience serving thousands of homes, businesses, and factories on the KZN North Coast, We can guarantee quality workmanship and exceptional after-installation service as well as warranties for your peace of mind. We service Ballito, Zimbali, Salt Rock, Simbithi, Chakas Rock, Westbrook, Umhlali, Umdloti, Tongaat, Stanger, Palm Lakes, Tinley Manor, Sheffield Beach, and further on request

Quality Materials

We use only the best quality materials from leading brands. We offer warranties on all of our workmanship and should there be any issue, you can be assured we will rectify it timeously and efficiently.

Quality Workmanship

Our specialists always use high-quality tools and the latest best-practices. We are “old school” and do not take shortcuts. There is a right way to do something, and that is the way it should be done.

Expert Technicians

Our employees are thoroughly screened before joining our team. Qualifications and experience are scrutinized thoroughly. They also attend in-house and external training regularly.

Benefits of using S&D Electrical & Solar.

By ordering the installation service from us, we can be sure of the quality of materials and installation. We always strive to make our service better and better, so we pay close attention to details in our work.
  • We arrive on-time
  • Competitive Pricing
  • 1 year guarantee on all workmanship
  • 24/7 Emergency services
  • Manufacturers Warranties on materials
  • Safety & Quality guaranteed
  • COCs issued after work is completed*
  • Excellent Customer Service
Can I trust your company?

We have been servicing the KZN North Coast for almost 25 yeas. we have a long and proud history of servicing over a thousand homes on the KZN North Coast with many many happy clients. You can trust us to provide excellent service and quality workmanship.

What influences the price?

We price our work on a job-to-job basis because each case is unique. It is impossible for anyone to give you an accurate quote over the phone without having first assessed the situation. What we do offer are free no-commitment quotes, so get in touch and we can discuss your needs. You can then make an informed decision. 

Do you have discounts?

Our regular clients receive a percentage loyalty discount on all work done. We also offer discounts for bulk work and have monthly specials and promotions.

Are your specialists qualified?

Yes, we have a healthy mixture of fully qualified technicians as well as experts in individual fields. We are able to pick the right combination for the right project ensuring we both provide excellent service with warranties as well as keep costs competitive.

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