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S&D Electrical & Solar's mission

S&D Electrical & Solar’s mission is to provide the absolute best service we can to all of our clients. We aim to use the best materials, the best working practices, and the best teams to ensure that every job is done correctly, efficiently, and safely. S&D Electrical & Solar want our clients to sleep easy at night, knowing that we are only a phone call away for anything electrical.

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How S&D Electrical & Solar works

The initial Call

It all starts with us listening to your needs. We will discuss how best S&D Electrical & Solar can assist you, decide on appropriate action, and advise you accordingly. We may need to come out for a site visit to see in person. We will always try to give clients an idea of the costs involved in advance, but this is not always possible.

Review and Delivery

S&D Electrical & Solar’s technicians will send your project’s information back to the head office, prepare a report for you and send it through with an accompanying invoice. We will ask the client to confirm that they are happy with the work, and if there are any issues, we will do our best to resolve them. In some cases, we will issue COCs (Certificates of Compliance) or other reports as necessary.

Setting a Date and Time

Next, we discuss and agree upon a suitable date and time to come to you to complete the work. This will be sent to you in advance so that you can make adequate preparations. For some jobs, a quote will need to be accepted and a deposit paid.


All work done by S&D Electrical & Solar is strictly COD unless other arrangements have been made. Some projects will require an up-front deposit for work to commence, followed by a completion fee once the work is complete. Each job will be discussed with the client, and payment terms will be clear from the outset.

On the day.

Our next step is to ensure that everything is ready for us before we come to you. S&D Electrical & Solar will arrive on time and ready to work. We will perform our work to the best of our abilities, do our best to minimize the impact on your day-t0-day life, keep noise and disturbances to the bare minimum, and ensure we keep and leave our work areas neat and tidy. Before leaving, we will ask the client to inspect the work done and make sure you are happy.

After Service

S&D Electrical & Solar has been around for almost 25 years for a reason. We know that doing the work is not the end of the job, and a client is not just for a few hours; a client is for life. If there are any issues with our workmanship or the materials we provide, we will always do our best to rectify them as soon as humanly possible. We are always just a phone call away.

Do you need help from S&D Electrical & Solar?

Get in touch with S&D Electrical & Solar, and we will give you a cost estimate or quote for your project for free! Please bear in mind that sometimes a site visit will be necessary, and in certain cases, it will be impossible to give a cost estimate before performing the work accurately. Chat to us; we will give you the best advice we can.

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